Anta KT8 - Wave

Anta KT8 - Wave

Anta KT8 —Sunset

Anta KT8 -Sunset

Anta KT8-G6 Thompson

Anta KT8 - G6 Klay

Anta KT8 - Wave

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Anta launched the Anta KT8 - Wave in spring 2023. The shoe body is mainly blue and white. "Wave" color matching with this pair of Anta KT8 or happen to coincide, giving this pair of shoes a kind of riding the wind and waves, direct to the other side of the beautiful meaning.

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The Anta Anta KT8 - Wave can be said to inherit the past "wave" color shoe product design concept. The shoe upper part chooses a large area of white as the base color. On the white background color of the shoe, Anta also uses lake blue to outline the pattern design of a large number of waves, so as to describe a picture of waves when the wave is coming. It is worth mentioning that this pair of Anta KT8 was originally designed with Klay Thompson's boat as inspiration, so to some extent, this "wave" color scheme and this pair of Anta KT8 or happen to coincide, giving this pair of shoes a kind of wind and waves, direct to the shore of the beautiful implication.
 The most noteworthy thing about this pair of Anta KT8-Wave color scheme is that Anta adds a child buckle design to the upper part of the shoe, so that this pair of KT8 realizes the function of free switching between high and low help. This pair of Anta KT8-Wave in the middle sole, is the use of full palm nitrogen technology in the middle sole cushioned technology design, as Anta's deserved the first star signature shoes, the actual performance of this pair of KT8 is worthy of trust.
Anta KT8 - Wave
Color: White, blue
Style Code: 112321101-7
Style: Basketball
Sole: Rubber
Celebrity: Klay Thompson
Tech: Nitrogen technology medium bottom cushioning technology
Release Date: 2023 Spring
Condition: 100% Authentic and Brand New

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Color Blue
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