About us

 Logo meaning
"Anta" means the spirit of the Olympic Games and the movement of products, covered the Anta culture, the soul and the spirit of modern sports, show the integration of the international, national, professional.

Brand story
Anta is the pioneer of China's sporting goods brands, 1999, Anta invited Chinese table tennis player Kong Linghui to do the brand image spokesperson, quikly pgrade Anta's brand awareness, increased sales dramatically.Since then, Anta has signed with Wang Hao, Liu Shiwen, Zhang Jike, Zou Shiming, Chen Penbin, Zheng Zhi and many other well-known athletes, greatly enhance the Anta in the domestic brand visibility and reputation! In addition, Anta actively cooperate with NBA, signed Scola, Garnett, Rondo, Parsons, Thompson and other NBA stars, constantly enhance the brand's influence in the international market. Anta is dedicated to the application of sports science and innovation in the development of high performance, which set up the only national certified sports science laboratory in the industry and gained more than 40 national patents since the establishment 9 years ago.To meet the needs of the internationalconsumers’ different needs, ANTA has constructed an international design team made up of designers from China, the US, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan, Korea, and others, introduce more than 3,000 new styles of footwear, apparel and accessories every year.

About  ANTA Shop
We are direct retailer from ANTA Company.
We ship products directly to customers all over the world.  
Shop ANTA mainly carries ANTA sports wear items including basketallshoes, clothing, accessories and so on.
We promise to respond to your question within 12 hours for qualified customer services. As we are legitimate house retail store based seller, we also accept wholesale order for your basketball team or your company.

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